3 top tips for brightening up your work space
12 Nov 2018
On average we spend nearly 25% of our time at our place of work, so it is important to have an environment which you find inspiring and engaging. Here are some top tips for optimising your work space and increasing your productivity.
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Quick Fire Round - Meet Michael
11 Nov 2018
Introducing Michael, the Recruitment Manager who oversees both the Jersey and Guernsey teams. We sat down with Michael and found out what makes his role at 1st Recruitment so rewarding.
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5 signs it is time to jump back on the job search
05 Nov 2018
If you’re starting to get that itch to rewrite your CV or find yourself casually browsing the internet for what jobs are on the market, it may be time to look at how happy you are in your current job. It’s easy to be afraid of the unknown but this often leads to staying in a role that ultimately you don’t enjoy. If you’re umming and ahhing about whether to jump back on the job hunt, here are 5 signs that it might be time for a change.
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Top 3 skills you can learn online to improve your CV and get hired
29 Oct 2018
If you’re looking to broaden your skill base to improve your employability in our digital age, or are simply interested in learning something new, there are a handful of areas to consider studying to give your CV that little something extra.
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Quick Fire Round - Meet Molly
28 Oct 2018
Meet Molly, a Recruitment Consultant on team 1st. Molly relishes the challenge of finding the perfect job for her varied candidates. We had a quick catch up with her!
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Building responses to tough interview questions: ‘So, tell me about yourself...’
22 Oct 2018
No matter how well you prepare for an upcoming interview you can never be certain which questions will be thrown your way. Even if you spend hours inspecting your potential new employer’s website, research every minuscule detail of the company’s history, and reread the job description for the hundredth time there is often a chance that you’ll be thrown a curveball question.
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No experience? Here's what to write in your CV.
15 Oct 2018
Are you a school leaver or graduate with no experience? Writing your CV can be daunting but it is important to remember everyone has been there. It’s a classic catch-22, you need valuable work experience but you don’t have any experience to get the internship or entry level role you need! Here’s what to include in your CV to show you have the right attributes and attitude to get the interview.
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Winning remote interview tips 📱💻
08 Oct 2018
In modern recruiting, it isn’t always possible to have a face to face interview. Employers may ask you to have a phone or video interview instead. Here’s our top tips to get the job.
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Quick Fire Round - Meet Stephanie
30 Sep 2018
We are so lucky to have such a great team. Meet Stephanie, Recruitment Consultant on Team 1st! Find out what the most satisfying part of her job is for her and an A&E related fun fact!
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4 thoughts that can stop you succeeding.
24 Sep 2018
As well as putting in a lot of hard work, success is nurtured by a state of mind. Here are 4 thoughts successful people avoid.
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How to deal with office gossip...
17 Sep 2018
We all know that office gossip exists. Gossip is not always necessarily bad, for example it could lead to the knowledge of a new role or opportunity in your company but the office rumour mill can also be hurtful not only to feelings but careers. Here’s how to deal with it…….🗣
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Quick Fire Round - Meet Emily
13 Sep 2018
Meet Emily Marie, a Recruitment Consultant on team 1st! Find out what makes her tick....
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Interview questions that employers have no right to ask!
10 Sep 2018
When looking for a new job, the interview process can be gruelling. But there are some questions that employers really have no right to ask. Do you know what they are?
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Quick Fire Round - Meet Ciara
31 Aug 2018
Meet Ciara, our lovely Receptionist, we asked her some questions about life at 1st and had a general chat.
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Why you aren’t getting responses from job applications - and how to change this
20 Aug 2018
The frustration of no response when you are job hunting is a classic and can leave you demotivated. Are you sending out a large number of job applications with absolutely no luck, feeling like even a no would be better? Depending on the size of the company, employers receive hundreds, sometimes thousands of applications for the positions they have listed. Here’s how to stand out in the process to avoid radio silence from potential employers.
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Maternity/ Paternity Leave - Tips for a smooth transition back to work
13 Aug 2018
Going on maternity leave is an exciting and wonderful thing, but returning to work can seem daunting. Here are our tips for a smooth transition back to work…
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Refer a Friend Scheme (T&Cs)
11 Aug 2018
Find the perfect job match for a friend and you’ll both receive a £50 voucher to a business of your choosing.* Win-win.
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Negotiating non-monetary benefits in the workplace.
06 Aug 2018
Many people equate appraisal time with a bonus or salary increase, however with an ever changing economy sadly this isn’t always viable for your company. In this instance there are other non-monetary benefits that employees value which smart employers will listen to and action.
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THE LOVE HEARTS APPEAL - Petanque raises £2,792 for charity.
23 Jul 2018
We are delighted to announce that our recent sponsorship of ❤️❤️ THE LOVE HEARTS APPEAL - Petanque Doubles Knockout Tournament ❤️❤️ has raised £2,792.08. The money will go towards helping children from Jersey that require care and assistance at Great Ormond Street.
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New job tips: 5 tips for a winning 1st impression
23 Jul 2018
So you have a new job and need to make a winning first impression? Here’s 5 tips on how to introduce yourself well.
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How to move into a leadership role
16 Jul 2018
Without great leadership in a business, a resulting lack of organisation and motivation is inevitable. Out there today there are many young, talented and enthusiastic individuals chomping at the bit to be in leadership and management positions. But how do you achieve this? If you want to move into a leadership role at work, here’s how make positive steps towards calling the shots as well as ways to effectively manage, motivate and support staff...
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Interview Tips: How to answer, 'Do you have any questions?'
13 Jul 2018
We’ve all been there, it’s the end of an interview and you are asked, ‘Do you have any questions?’ Your interviewer has been grilling you to see if you are the right fit, but now it’s your turn. This is your opportunity to understand more about the company, role and culture, but fail to ask relevant questions and you can seem under-prepared or uninterested. Here’s what to ask….
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How to deal with the classic story of ‘more responsibility but no compensation.’
10 Jul 2018
Ever been asked to work towards tasks which were not initially outlined in your job description, and yet not received a change in job title or a rise in salary? This scenario is rife in the modern working world and is responsible for a sea of under-appreciated, demotivated and disheartened employees in offices across the globe.
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⚽ Croatia V England - Guess the score to WIN! ⚽
09 Jul 2018
We are so close - what is your prediction for England’s semi final match? Are the Lions on a roll? Guess the score for your chance to win a £50 voucher to Café Spice, Jersey.
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Sweden V England: Guess the score to WIN
04 Jul 2018
The 1st Recruitment World Cup Draw continues... Predict the score: SWEDEN V ENGLAND to WIN
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3 tips to harness productivity. 🕒
03 Jul 2018
We all know the satisfaction of a productive day, and the frustration of one wasted. Here are our top three tips to work smarter and get things done.
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⚽England V Belgium - Guess the score to WIN ⚽
25 Jun 2018
Read the terms and conditions here...
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Graduate tips: sparing some thoughts for your future career
22 Jun 2018
So, finally all of the hard work you have put in at University has paid off and you are excited to start a new chapter of your life in employment! You are on your way to meet new friends, try new things and take on greater responsibility (as well as a salary!)... but there are some important things to note before making the transition from the world of the learners to the earners.
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1st Recruitment World Cup Draw - England vs Panama
19 Jun 2018
The 1st Recruitment World Cup Draw continues... Predict the score: England V Panama to WIN!
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4 tips to avoid distractions at work
15 Jun 2018
In a busy office it can be difficult to concentrate, you have calls and emails to answer, colleagues to distract you and sometimes even an office dog to make friends with. However, small distractions can ruin your overall productivity for the day and affect your quality of work. Here are our top tips to maintain your focus….
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⚽1st Recruitment World Cup Draw ⚽
11 Jun 2018
World cup fever has hit! The first England game is just one week away and the 1st team are giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes simply by guessing the score. So what do you think? 3-0 to the three lions? An absolute shocker in the group games? All you have to do to enter is LIKE our page and COMMENT with your score prediction below. We’ll pick a winner at random from all those who get it right. So keep your eyes on our page for updates.
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4 things you should cover in your next appraisal
04 Jun 2018
Performance reviews can be stressful but this is actually an opportunity for you to be honest about what you want to achieve in the next six months, where you see your long term role within the business, plus raise any concerns you may have. The sure way to get the most out of this process is to arrive prepared, here’s our appraisal checklist….
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How to resign without burning bridges
28 May 2018
So you’ve got a new job offer, you are taking some time out to retrain or you’re going on maternity or travel leave, exciting times are ahead! But the prospect of handing in your notice at work can tinge this with a little bit of anxiety. Here are our tips to ensure you are leaving professionally and without burning bridges.
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Buzzwords not to use in an interview
21 May 2018
When applying for jobs and interviewing it is important to be mindful that your interviewer has seen a fair few candidates during the process. This means that you have to stand out during the interview stage itself. How do you do this? Avoid the below buzzwords….
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Graduate tips: how to impress in your first job
14 May 2018
Congratulations you have landed your first ever job. All the exams, stress and job hunting has been worth it and you are ready for that first step on the career ladder. But making the right first impression really can give you a head start. Here’s how…
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3 strategies for overcoming fear in your career
30 Apr 2018
Making changes in your career, pushing yourself and pursuing your passions all takes courage. Here are 3 tips for overcoming your fear of the unknown and going for it.
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The importance of knowing your worth
23 Apr 2018
Knowing your worth in the workplace is imperative to progressing in your career, but also to earning a salary you deserve. Casey Brown, with TED Talks, shares helpful stories and learnings that can help you better communicate your value and get paid for your excellence.
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Here are 4 signs that you deserve a promotion
16 Apr 2018
We’ve all been there. You think you’re doing everything you can possibly do to reach the next step in your career, but progression isn’t happening. Here’s some signs that you are on the right track & deserve that promotion.
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Three ways to 'Spring Clean' your career
09 Apr 2018
Spring has sprung. Here’s three ways to utilise this positive time of year dust the cobwebs off your career.
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Why Easter is a great time for Jobseekers
26 Mar 2018
With Easter bank holiday around the corner, many of us will be escaping for a mini break or chilling out and spending time with family. But for jobseekers it is actually a prime time to job search, here’s 5 reasons why….
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3 things successful people do before 9am ⏰
19 Mar 2018
We are all mesmerised by the allure of the snooze button, especially during a busy week. But being half asleep when you get to work is not indicative of a productive day. Here are 3 things successful people do before 9am….
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5 habits of smart working mums
12 Mar 2018
The reality is that parents (both mums and dads) work. With Mother’s Day just gone, we are celebrating working mums! Research has revealed the habits of smart & successful working mums who nail it everyday. There isn’t much they can’t do, but here are 5 things they practice to ensure they are always on it, in both their professional & personal lives.
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How to start your dream job NOW.
05 Mar 2018
When it comes to our dream careers, “one day”, “after I have more experience” or “once I’ve saved” can all be preventers of following our true passions. All too often we make excuses that stop us from (for example): owning a business, changing career or retraining to ultimately do something we love. So, we have put together 4 steps to help you turn your passion into your pay check….
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How CPD courses can give you that extra edge whilst job seeking 💻
26 Feb 2018
Having interesting and relevant CPD courses under your belt shows a potential employer that you are dedicated, motivated and an addition to their team. Talking about these courses during an interview is an excellent way of showcasing these qualities. Here are just some useful courses which could give you that extra edge….
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Five transferable skills you need, that have stood the test of time. 📝
12 Feb 2018
10 years ago we didn’t have the iPad, Google Chrome and WhatsApp and of course all the jobs associated with them. Meaning that jobs like AI Engineers, App Developers, Social Media Consultants and even Uber Drivers simply didn’t exist. More than ever we are seeing an ever evolving job market, as technology and roles develop continuously. These developments mean that new and exciting jobs probably haven’t even been created yet, so making sure you have these core transferable skills can ensure you are always qualified and hireable.
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Use focus to achieve your career goals
05 Feb 2018
Many capable & ambitious candidates who want to push themselves in their career need help keeping focused. Here are our top tips to staying focussed and getting your career moving in 2018.
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How to start a CPD plan & why!
25 Jan 2018
Continued Professional Development, who’s got time for it? You. Here’s why you need a professional development plan & how to get started…..
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Job applications: how to identify your key strengths
15 Jan 2018
Whether it’s a quick fire question round in an interview face-to-face or within your covering letter or CV, the most important thing to do when you are applying for a job is sell yourself - something that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. To do this you need to identify your key strengths, here’s how…..
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The Top 10 most in demand jobs in the UK for 2018
08 Jan 2018
Recruitment Experts have revealed the top 10 most in demand jobs for 2018 in the UK. Are you a professional in one of these promising sectors?
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The importance of decluttering for 2018
26 Dec 2017
As the New Year approaches, the 1st team are spending valuable time with loved ones and switching off. However, we are also preparing for a new business year by decluttering. Some may think this is unnecessary & can be kick started on return to work, but the benefits of preparing mentally & physically in advance really are unquestionable. Decluttering doesn’t have to be a monumental task. Here are 3 simple ways to get ahead of the game for 2018..…..
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The ONE quality all employers look for in a CV
26 Dec 2017
There is one quality, that ALL employers are looking for in a CV - something transferrable across all sectors. And that is….
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02 Dec 2017
That's right the Xmas lottery winnings have risen to £845,000.00 and counting!!! And were giving our 1st jobseekers in Jersey and Guernsey the opportunity to WIN 100 tickets (worth £200!)
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5 things great networkers do
22 Nov 2017
Networking. Some people thrive off a room full of new faces, others dread it. Either way networking events provide an invaluable opportunity to connect with like minded people, suss out what is happening in your industry and beyond, and be on the radar of potential clients / employers. Here are our 5 tips to working the room.
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Can you dress for success?
10 Nov 2017
We spoke to owner of Roulette Clothing, David Cullen, who gave his top tips on how to dress for a job interview.
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The Top 5 career regrets that UK workers have
10 Nov 2017
New research has revealed the top 5 career regrets that UK workers have. Our top tip would be to get advice before making important career decisions. Our friendly consultants will help make sure your next move, is the right move.
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The REC’s ‘Future of Jobs’ calls on more collaboration between businesses and schools.
08 Nov 2017
In a recent report from the REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation), which analysed the success of the UK jobs market, a conclusion was drawn that more collaboration between businesses and schools is imperative for growth.
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The future of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment
01 Nov 2017
AI (artificial intelligence) has been utilised by Recruiters for a while, aiding tasks such as screening CVs and assessing candidates. But two new products, which aim to remove the element of human bias in the recruitment process, show just how effective AI can be.
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Time for change?
30 Oct 2017
The average person changes their career 5-7 times in their working lives. Is it time for a new challenge? Here are three signs the answer is yes!
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Free coffee for a week for you and a colleague!
14 Sep 2017
Win FREE coffee for a week for you and a colleague from Bean Around the World.
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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
18 Aug 2017
With all the tickets now sold out for the Jersey Hospice Care Lottery. 1st Recruitment are giving you a chance to WIN £1 Million with our lottery ticket competition! Is this the winning ticket? All you have to do is visit our Facebook page, LIKE our page and TAG at least one friend who you would treat if you WIN!...
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1st Recruitment Group helps raise over £2,520 for “The Love Hearts Appeal"
18 Jul 2017
Building on from the success of previous years tournaments, 1st Recruitment Group are pleased to announce that their recently sponsored petanque doubles knockout tournament held in and around Gorey help raise over £2,520 for "The Love Hearts Appeal" (A charity set up to assist sick Jersey children who very much depend on the expertise and care of Great Ormond Street Hospital).
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Join our vibrant team at 1st Recruitment Group!
21 Feb 2017
Are you a people focussed individual who thrives on success and looking for a new opportunity? We are looking for a positive, vibrant person to join our busy team.
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1st Recruitment Group and the people of Gorey raise £770 for Headway Jersey
15 Dec 2016
Last Saturday the people of Gorey, Jersey donned Christmas attire to take part in the 1st Recruitment Group Christmas Petanque Doubles cup competition in aid of Headway Jersey. Aided by mulled wine and Christmas music a competitive yet humorous competition ensued. The tournament was quickly followed by a Christmas lunch and quiz at the Bass & Lobster. £770 in total was raised for Headway Jersey.
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Fancy winning 100 Christmas lottery tickets?
09 Dec 2016
With a prize fund now over £1 million - 1st Recruitment are giving away 100 tickets to 1 Lucky Winner. Like and share for your chance to be a millionaire! Check out our Facebook page for more details!
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A recent survey reveals that sales skills are vital to career progression in business
10 Oct 2016
Skills most associated with salespeople such as negotiation, persuasion and being a good listener, have been named as vital to career progression amongst senior business leaders in the UK.
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Win x 2 weekend tickets for Jersey Live!
11 Aug 2016
We at 1st Recruitment are giving you the chance to win a weekend ticket for you and a friend to attend Jersey Live!
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1st Recruitment Group launches new job alerts App in The Channel Islands!
03 Aug 2016
All the latest jobs in the Channel Islands & overseas at your finger tips!
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1st Recruitment Group offering free career and mentoring advice to all summer 2016 graduates
22 Jun 2016
Congratulations to all summer 2016 graduates! Mission accomplished or is it? What next? If you don't know what to do with yourself now that you have graduated, then make an appointment with our experienced career advisors to get advice on the different industry sectors as well as the latest on the Channel Islands jobs market.
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£3,050.56 raised for “The Love Hearts Appeal"
01 Jun 2016
1st Recruitment Group sponsored petanque doubles knockout tournament raises £3,050.56 for "The Love Hearts Appeal.”
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Where in the World is Reg, 1st Recruitment’s mascot bear?
19 May 2016
To win a prize can you identify where in the World, Reg, the 1st Recruitment mascot bear is?
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“Love Hearts Appeal” Pétanque Tournament
10 May 2016
1st Recruitment Group sponsoring the “Love Hearts Appeal” petanque doubles knockout tournament being held in Gorey, Jersey on Saturday 28th May 2016.
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Minimum wage in Jersey rises to £6.97
28 Mar 2016
The minimum wage in Jersey is set to rise to £6.97 as from April 1st 2016
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